Looking to commission? Or are you curious about prices? Find that and more here!

Rules, Regulations, and expectations! What to know and what to expect when commissioning me.

Theo’s the name, being your favorite freelance artist is my game! Are you looking for a little more info on who your commissioning? Look no further.

About Me!

Howdy Folks! I'm Theo (They/Them) the Owner of Sleepytime Studios and I am a Minnesota based Queer Artist! I live with my Fiancé, 3 Kitties, and Pet Hamster. I adore little creatures of all kinds and have a special place in my heart for Creature Collecting and Virtual Pet Games (Pokemon, Digimon, Neopets, and Tamagotchi are some of my favorites).I'm Currently working on oodles of funky fan merch, my own plushie line, and a webcomic centered around a small little plushie based Cafe! Follow me on social media to keep updated on all the fun to come.

The Fundementals

Looking for more than one character? Can do! Just subtract $10 from base cost for each additional character. (NSFW commissions are +$10)



A budget friendly commission option! The canvas will ALWAYS be 500 x 500px. Some characters may be simplified!

Teenie Scenies


Little tiny scenes that include props and objects to anchor characters! The background is always a light gradient. Extra large/ Complicated props may have a slight up charge!



All badges are laminated and shipped! Feel free to ask about holo overlays for a slight up charge!



References are priced on a sliding scale so please contact me for an exact quote! Custom designs are also available for a $10 upcharge.



Backgrounds are always available but are hard to price without knowing what exactly you want! Contact me for a quote on any background.



Any type of commission can be a traditional commission (minus minis)! Just add an additional $15 to the total price. All traditional art is available to be shipped at no extra charge worldwide! (Oversized Pieces not included)

Credit Rules!

-Please credit me at least the first time you upload or share a commissioned piece-You may edit, crop, resize and even print any commissioned art so long as credit is given!-Please do NOT claim my art as your own under any circumstances!-Any of my social media pages or even my Carrd work as pages to credit!


-I withhold the right to turn away a commission if the request makes me uncomfortable or if I feel I could not accurately portray your request!


-A sketch wip is ALWAYS sent for approval; excessive adjustments may result in up charge. Extra wips are available during any stage. Design commissions are a very involved process so please be ready to approve multiple wips

Turn Around Time?

-Turn around time may vary slightly for but most digital commissions will be done within 1 month and traditional within 2 months!-Commissioners will be informed of any events that may change turn around time as soon as I can-If you have a deadline please be upfront with me (I am happy to do my best to work within a certain timeframe but I can’t do that if I there was never one established)


-Payment must be made in full before work begins!-Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Pay, and customized Etsy listings are available to make payments through!-Work may be used commercially as long as it is communicated prior to paying as there may be a up charge.


-Once a commission is ordered and paid for refunds are NOT available unless I have broken my TOS or there are very special specific circumstances-Commissions that are not completed by deadline/ within the given turn around are eligible for refunds but will be judged on a case by case basis

Anything Else?

-I reserve the right to upload commissions to social media and or my portfolio! If you wish to keep a commission private please let me know while in the request process-I am willing to work with most prompts but will not except any commissions sexualizing underage characters, art involving scat, or art that is against human rights and/or racist.